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Transpeak: Manchester - Derby

The Transpeak, often known as the TP, provides the main bus link into and through the Peak District. Its core section from Buxton to Derby runs every hour each daytime, but a few buses each day also run to and from Manchester. It's operated by High Peak and is possibly the only bus route that has a better logo than the company that runs it:

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Places served


Transpeak only serves one stop in Manchester City Centre: inside National Express's Manchester Central Coach Station on Chorlton Street in the city's famous Gay Village:

Fans of litter and drunken obnoxiousness certainly won't leave Manchester disappointed, but the city also has its good points. Try these links to discover some of them:

Then there are the football stadia, the shops and the small matter of the world's first and therefore oldest surviving passenger railway station, part of the Museum of Science and Industry, on Liverpool Road in Castlefield. It really is a shame to see such a culturally important city inhabited by so many people who think it is acceptable to throw so much litter.


Famous for hats and Owen Jones, Stockport also plays host to Transpeak at stand K (Mon-Sats before 1900) and stand U (Mon-Sats after 1900 and all day Sundays) of the bus station:
That's for buses towards Derby. Buses towards Manchester use stop DD on Wellington Road North (the A6):

Here are few links of things to see and do in Stockport:

Hazel Grove

Buses towards Derby serve stop C on Buxton Road, opposite the Rising Sun pub

Buses towards Manchester serve stop B, a bit further north on Buxton Road. Here you can see the Rising Sun in the background:


Transpeak serves just three stops in Cheshire, all in Disley. The main one is by the Ram's Head public house. the stop here on the left is for buses towards Derby. the Ram's Head is on the right and the stop for buses towards Manchester is hiding behind the lorry:

Disley is the starting point of the stunning Gritstone Trail long distance footpath, which can be used to visit the nearby Lyme House and Park.

Furness Vale

Buses towards Derby use this stop opposite the Soldier Dick pub:

Buses towards Manchester stop right outside the pub:

Dove Holes

Buses towards Derby stop on the right, towards Manchester on the left outside High Peak's bus depot on Hallsteads:


The main stops in Buxton are at the Market Place. Buses to Derby use stop E on the left and buses towards Manchester use stop B on the right:

Here are a few things to see and do in Buxton:


Buses to Derby stop near the Queens Arms: a pub which doubles as the village's only shop. Buses to Manchester stop opposite the bus flag:


Buses towards Derby stop outside the church on Fennel Street:

Buses towards Manchester stop outside the Riverside House Hotel, also on Fennel Street:

Why not stop here for a drink and bite to eat in the Aisseford Tea Room?


Buses towards Derby use stand E on Matlock Street:

Buses towards Manchester use stand A on Buxton Road:

See these links for ideas of things to see and do in Bakewell:


Buses towards Derby stop near the Peak Shopping Village on Dale Road North:

Buses towards Manchester stop just opposite the Shopping Village, also on Dale Road North:

Darley Dale

The main stops are by the shops on Dale Road North near Broad Walk, on the right towards Derby and on the left in the distance towards Manchester:

Why not stop here for some food and/or drink in the Church Inn?


Buses towards Derby use stand B on Bakewell Road:

Buses towards Manchester use stand 1 outside Matlock Railway Station:

See Matlock Town Council's Visitors' Guide here. Why not take a ride on a steam train with Peak Rail?

Matlock Bath

Buses towards Derby stop outside the Peak District Mining Museum on South Parade:

Buses towards Manchester stop just opposite, outside the Fishpond pub:

Here are just a few of the things to see and do in Matlock Bath:


Buses towards Derby stop just outside the Derwent Hotel, now known as the Family Tree, on the A6:

Buses towards Manchester stop over the road and a bit further along:


Buses towards Derby serve this stop on the A6 near the Railway Station and opposite the Hurt Arms:

Buses towards Manchester stop adjacent to the Hurt Arms:


Buses in both directions use bay 1 at Belper's Bus Garage on Chapel Street:

A few things to see while stopping off in Belper:


Buses to Derby stop here on Derby Road:

Buses to Manchester stop right opposite the Strutt Arms:


Buses to Derby stop opposite the parade of shops on Town Street:

Buses towards Manchester stop right outside the Co-Op on Town Street:


Buses towards Derby stop opposite the Shell petrol station on the A6:

Buses towards Manchester stop over the road and a bit further along, next to the hairdressing salon:


Transpeak only serves one stop in central Derby: bay 21 at the Bus Station:

Here are some things to see and do in Derby:


View the timetable on the websites of High Peak, Transport for Greater Manchester or Derbyshire County Council.

Here are your links for live scheduled bus times from major stops towards Derby:

...and back towards Manchester:


For single and return fares, contact High Peak. There is no day ticket that is valid from end to end, but three day tickets cover overlapping major parts of the Transpeak route:

  • Peak Plus - valid from Hazel Grove to Matlock. £6. Also valid on all High Peak buses within this zone.
  • TfGM Wayfarer - valid from Manchester to Whatstandwell. £11. Also valid on all buses, trams and trains in this zone stretching to Northwich, Warrington, Wigan, Chorley, Darwen, Burnley and Rochdale. Cannot be bought from the bus driver, only from staffed railway stations and Paypoint outlets.
  • Derbyshire Wayfarer - valid from Furness Vale to Derby. £11.60. Also valid on most buses and trains within Derbyshire.

For shorter journeys, the following ticket might be useful:

  • System One Day Saver (£5.20 off-peak bus only) for journeys wholly within Greater Manchester, that's Manchester to High Lane on the TP. Valid on all buses in Greater Manchester.

Plusbus tickets valid for travel on the TP are available with rail travel to/from the following stations:


Not to scale. Only major routes and destinations are shown. Check with the operator before travelling.

From Manchester, you can catch buses in all directions, including to the following destinations:

You also have Metrolink trams to many destinations in Greater Manchester.

See bus route maps covering the whole of Greater Manchester here. Transpeak is covered by the maps for South Manchester and Stockport.

From Stockport Bus Station, your major bus connections are:

From Hazel Grove, connect with High Peak 392/393 to Macclesfield

See a map of all bus services in Derbyshire here. More detailed maps are available covering the following areas:

From Buxton connect with the following major routes:

Connections from Bakewell:

Rowsley is another point at which you can connect to TM Travel 218 to Chatsworth House. If travelling on a Sunday or bank holiday, please note that the 215 runs on those days.

At Matlock, change for:

At Ambergate, connect with:

Change at Belper for:

Major bus connections from Derby:

Transpeak passes near to the following railway stations:


Between Manchester and Hazel Grove, you can also use the high-frequency Stagecoach 192. High Peak 199 provides a more regular service between Stockport and Buxton.

From Bakewell to Derby, Trent Barton 6.1 also runs and between Belper and Derby, their Sixes provide a more frequent service.

Northern Rail provide trains between Manchester and Buxton, while East Midlands Trains run from Matlock to Derby. Check fares easily here.

All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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