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X39/X40 Reading - Oxford

The X39 and X40 connect the major Thames Valley town of Reading with world-famous university city Oxford. They run every half-hour Mon-Sat daytimes and hourly evenings and Sundays and are operated by Go Ahead's Thames Travel. The X39 is slightly quicker, with the X40 taking a detour through Woodcote.

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Places served

The X39/X40 start from stop SB on Station Road near the railway station, outside Davinas newsagent and opposite the Malmaison hotel:

They then call at stop EL on Forbury Road outside the Apex Plaza office block:

...and then at stop NA at the railway station's North Interchange:

See Reading Council's map of all bus routes in the borough here. Here's an extract showing the X39/X40's route in the town:

Buses to Oxford stop on the left, buses to Reading on the right on the A4074 Reading Road outside the Palm Tree Indian restaurant:

A short walk away up Horsepond Road is The Reformation pub.

Only the X40 serves Woodcote. The X39 sails past on the A4074 by-pass.

The X40 towards Oxford stops outside the Co-op, buses to Reading stop opposite in the distance on Brindle Path:

The Co-op is on a loop in the X40's route as illustrated by this map of the route taken in Woodcote:


Buses to Oxford stop on the right, buses to Reading on the left on the A4074 Port Way, near the turning for Ipsden village, in the background on the left:

At Market Place, buses to Oxford use stop A on the right and buses to Reading use stop C on the left:

Buses to Oxford stop on the right, buses to Reading on the left near Jewsons on The Street:

Buses to Oxford stop on the left, buses to Reading on the right on the A4074:

Buses to Oxford stop on the right and buses to Reading on the left on the A4074 Henley Road, near the Kingfisher Inn, in the distance:

Buses to Oxford stop on the right, buses to Reading on the left on the A4074 Oxford Road. The actual village of Dorchester is a short walk away.

Buses to Oxford stop on the left and buses to Reading on the right on the A4074, with the village a short walk away to the right:

Buses to Oxford stop on the left and buses to Reading on the right on the A4074. Oxford University's Harcourt Arboretum is a short walk away:

The main stop for buses to central Oxford is this one right outside the Duke of Monmouth pub and the junction with Lincoln Road on the A4144 Abingdon Road:

Buses to Reading stop over the road and a bit further south, opposite the Mediterranean Fish Bar:


The X39/X40 start from stop H5 on St Aldates, right next to Christ Church Cathedral:

They also call at stop P1, further down St Aldates, right outside the police station:

Here's an edited version of Oxford Bus Company's city centre bus stop map with those stops served by the X39 and X40 highlighted in yellow:

Here's an extract of a summary map of most major bus services in Oxford. See the full map here:


See the full timetable on the websites of Thames Travel or Traveline.

Here are your links for live scheduled departure times from major stops towards Oxford:

...and back towards Reading:


The cheapest day ticket that is valid throughout the route of the X39 and X40 is Thames Travel's Go Anywhere Ticket, the adult version of which currently costs £8. It is valid on all Thames Travel and Oxford Bus Company services within the South Oxfordshire zone (map on Thames Travel's website), which covers all of routes X39 and X40. In the Oxford Smartzone, which covers most of the city, it can be used on any bus operated by Thames Travel, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach.

For information on single and return ticket prices, contact Thames Travel directly.

For journeys within Oxford, Smartzone tickets issued by Stagecoach (Oxford Dayrider £4) or Oxford Bus Company (Day Pass £4) are valid on the X39/X40 between the city centre and Canning Crescent.

If you're arriving in Reading by train, then the Reading Plusbus is valid on the X39/X40 as far as the borough boundary at Shepherd's Lane.

Oxford Plusbus tickets have the same validity as the Oxford Smartzone tickets described above.


See maps of all routes operated by Thames Travel here.

Most local buses in Reading are operated by Reading Buses. See their network map here.
Other major routes connecting from Reading:

Many routes in and around Oxford are operated by Stagecoach. Their network maps are here. Major connecting routes from Oxford:

  • X5 to Milton Keynes and Cambridge
  • S3 to Chipping Norton
  • X30 to Wantage

Oxford's other major operator is the Oxford Bus Company. Find details of their network here.

Other major connecting routes from Oxford:

The X39 and X40 run within walking distance of the following railway stations:


No other bus route runs alongside the X39/X40 for any significant stretch of the route, so the main alternative is the train for end-to-end journeys between Reading and Oxford. If you travel after 0859 weekdays or anytime at weekends, an adult single will cost £8.80 and a day return is £8.90. More rail fares here.

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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  1. Travelled on X39 from Oxford to Reading this afternoon. Bus 30 minutes late leaving Oxford city centre. 40 passengers waiting in the cold. No apology or explanation given. Filthy windows, threadbare seats. Why not show your customers some respect?