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51: Swindon - Cheltenham

The 51 provides a link through the picturesque Cotswolds between regency town Cheltenham and railway-town Swindon. It runs hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes and is operated by Stagecoach.

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Places served

The 51 starts from stand 16 at Swindon Bus Station:

The following stop is Gladstone Street on Manchester Road, just outside Anka Cash & Carry:

Here's the route taken through Swindon's suburbs:

Buses in both directions serve this stop on Calcutt Street, near the junction with High Street:

Buses towards Cheltenham stop on the left, buses to Swindon on the right at Latton Shelter on The Street:

Alight at Cerney Wick Turn for a short walk down the side road in the background to the village of Cerney Wick. Buses to Cheltenham use the brick shelter on the right, buses to Swindon stop on the left:

Buses towards Swindon stop here, near the Cross on Station Road:

Buses to Cheltenham stop over the road and nearer the junction known as the Cross:

Buses in both directions stop outside the Post Office on Ashton Road. Buses to Swindon stop at the bus stop flag and buses to Cheltenham stop opposite, with the stop in that direction being unmarked:

Buses towards Cheltenham stop at the Corn Hall on Market Place:

Buses towards Swindon stop at the Parish Church stop 2 on the other side of Market Place:

Buses to Swindon stop on the right, buses to Cheltenham in the distance on the left on the A435 near the Bathurst Arms:

Buses to Cheltenham stop here on the A435 opposite Rendcomb Turn:

Buses to Swindon stop over the road, adjacent to the turning for the village:

Buses to Cheltenham stop on the right and buses to Swindon stop in the lay-by on the left on the A435:

Buses to Cheltenham stop at the brick shelter on the left and buses to Swindon stop on the right on the A435 at Coberley Turn:

Buses to Cheltenham stop on the right, buses to Swindon opposite at an unmarked stop on the A435:

Stop here for a drink and a bite to eat at the Seven Springs pub

Buses to Swindon start from stop 2 on the Promenade:

The next stop is opposite the Rotunda on Montpellier Walk:


See the full timetable on one of the following websites:

Here are your links for live scheduled departure times from major stops towards Cheltenham:

...and back towards Swindon:


The cheapest day ticket that is valid throughout route 51 is the Stagecoach Explorer at £6.50 for an adult. It is valid on all Stagecoach buses in this area:

For shorter journeys, Stagecoach also offer day tickets covering smaller zones in Swindon, Cheltenham and Cheltenham/Gloucester. See full details of their ticket range here.

If you'll be connecting in Swindon to/from another bus company's services and will only be using the 51 as far as Cirencester, then a Wiltshire Day Rover at £8.50 is the ticket you need.

Plusbus tickets are valid on the 51 for local journeys within Swindon and Cheltenham. They can only be bought with rail tickets to/from each town.


See Stagecoach's local route maps here, a map of all buses in Swindon here and all buses in Cheltenham here.

Change in Swindon for these major destinations:

Connect in Cheltenham for these major destinations:

The 51 passes within walking distance of the following railway stations:


Stagecoach 53 provides some additional journeys between Swindon and Cricklade.

For end-to-end journeys between Cheltenham and Swindon, you could take the train. See the Central 2 timetable at First Great Western's website. Fares here.

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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