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23: Gloucester - Coleford

The 23 runs from the heart of a cathedral city, alongside one of Britain's great rivers into the Forest of Dean. It runs every hour Mon-Sat daytimes and is operated by Stagecoach.

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Places served

The 23 starts from stand K at Gloucester Bus Station, right in the middle of the city centre:

The other major city centre stop is Estate Agents on Worcester Street:

Try these links for more about Gloucester:

Buses to Coleford stop opposite Horseshore Drive on the A40:

Buses to Gloucester stop next to the Horseshoe Drive junction on the A40:

For a small village on a dual carriageway on the outskirts of a small city, there's more in Over than you'd think:

Buses to Coleford stop right outside the Severn Bore pub and buses to Gloucester stop over the road at the lay-by in the distance on the A48:

As the name suggests, this is one of the best places to witness the phenomenon of nature that is the Severn bore.

Buses to Coleford stop at the Surgery on A48 High Street:

Buses to Gloucester stop over the road a bit further up, at Bay Tree House on A48 High Street:

Try these Westbury links:

Buses to Gloucester stop at the shelter just down the hill from the clock tower on A48 High Street and buses to Coleford stop directly opposite the clock tower at the lowered kerb, although it might not have a bus stop flag:

Try this link if you're thinking of stopping in Newnham:

Buses to Coleford stop right outside the King's Head, buses to Gloucester over the road at the bus shelter in the distance on A48 High Street:

Buses in both directions stop at the Bus Station on Hams Road:

Buses to Coleford stop on the right, buses to Gloucester stop on the left on Oakwood Road, near the Spar shop (which is hiding behind the coach):

The 23 terminates at and starts from stop 2 at the Angel Hotel on Market Place:

Try these Coleford links:


See the full timetable via the following links:

Here are your live scheduled bus times from major stops towards Coleford:

... and back towards Gloucester:


The cheapest day ticket that is valid throughout route 23 is the Stagecoach Forest of Dean Dayrider at £5 for an adult. It is valid on all Stagecoach buses in the zone on the diagram above.

If you're travelling from further afield, then the Stagecoach Explorer at £6.70 (adult) is valid on all Stagecoach West buses in the above zone, plus throughout Gloucester and Cheltenham and as far afield as Swindon, Tewkesbury and Hereford.


From Gloucester you can connect with the following major routes:

See Stagecoach's Gloucester route map here.

Change at Lydney for trains towards Chepstow, Newport and Cardiff or back to Gloucester. There are also some infrequent buses towards Chepstow but they are not run by Stagecoach so you'll need to buy a separate ticket in order to use them.

From Coleford, you can also catch Stagecoach 30 & 31, which run the more direct way to Gloucester via Cinderford.


Between Gloucester and Elton Garage, Stagecoach 30 & 31 run the same route as the 23, providing a higher frequency via Minsterworth and Westbury.

Between Gloucester and Lydney, you could catch the train (adult day return £9.40) although be aware that Lydney station is about a mile walk from the town centre, whereas the bus serves the middle of town.

Between Gloucester and Coleford, Stagecoach 30 & 31 provide a higher frequency and a slightly quicker journey via Cinderford.

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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