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498: Romford - Brentwood

Updated 15th August 2017

The 498 is a really useful route for getting to and from Essex using Transport for London's tariff and not paying a premium for crossing the Greater London border on a train. It runs every 20 minutes Mon-Sat daytimes and half-hourly evenings and Sundays as part of TfL's London Bus Network.

See the full timetable here.

You can no longer pay by cash on London's buses. Payment is by Oyster card or contactless debit/credit card only. A flat fare of £1.50 applies for a single journey and you'll never pay more than £4.50 in a day, no matter how many journeys you make on TfL's bus and tram network. Bus journeys are also covered by TfL fare caps for tube and rail journeys.

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Romford developed as a market town in Essex, but has long since been devoured by London. There's plenty to do in Romford including watching dog racing and what feels like umpteen markets and shopping centres. The 498 starts from Queens Hospital before running through the town centre. At Romford Station, the 498 towards Brentwood goes from stop V.

Romford, Queens Hospital (Stop HM)

Romford, Rom Valley Way (Stops HD/HE)
Romford Station (Stops T/V)

Stop T for Queens is on the right, stop V for Brentwood on the left on South Street:
Departures: T, V

Romford, Western Road (Stop QQ)

Only 498s towards Queens Hospital stop on Western Road, at stop QQ:

Romford, Mercury Gardens (Stops M/N)

Romford, Romford Police Station (Stops X/Y)
Romford, Pettits Lane (Stops W/Z)
Romford, Raphael Park (East/West

Buses to Brentwood stop next to Raphael's restaurant on A118 Main Road:

Buses to Queens Hospital stop over the road next to the 'Welcome to Romford' sign:

Gidea Park

Gidea Park, Repton Avenue (Stops PT/PU)

Gidea Park, Links Avenue (Stops PS/PV)
Gidea Park, Castellan Avenue (Stops PQ/PW)
Gidea Park, Upper Brentwood Rd/Gallows Cnr (Stops GN/GQ)

Gidea Park, Gallows Corner Retail Park (Stops GD/ GG

At this junction at which people were regularly executed in public in the 16th and 17th centuries, you can now go shopping for furniture.
Stop GD for Romford is on the left, stop GG for Brentwood on the right on A12 Colchester Road:
Departures: GD, GG

Harold Wood, Bampton Road (Stop GC/West)
Harold Wood, Gubbins Lane (East/West)

Harold Hill, Court Avenue (East/West)
Harold Park, Petersfield Ave /Colchester Rd (East/West)

Harold Park, Maylands Way 

*** Greater London / Essex county border ***


Just outside Greater London, Brentwood welcomes you to Essex. There's plenty to see and do here. There's Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, just a short walk from the 498's final stop at Sainsbury's. Or for a history lesson, try Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, which can be reached from Brentwood High Street on the Ensign 21 bus towards Ongar.

It's also the home of ITV2's tediously tacky The Only Way Is Essex. You can even go on a TOWIE tour, if you absolutely must.

Here below is the route of the 498 in Brentwood. See a map of all bus routes in Brentwood here and all routes in Essex here, courtesy of Essex County Council.

Brentwood, Holiday Inn (East/West)

Buses to Romford stop on the right, buses to Brentwood on the left in the distance on A1023 Brook Street:
Departures: East, West

Brentwood, The Bull (East/West)

Buses to Brentwood stop here on A1023 Brook Street:

Buses to Romford stop over the road, just opposite the pub:

Brentwood, Moat House
Brentwood, Kavanaghs Road
Brentwood, BT Building
Brentwood, London Road
Brentwood, Crown Street (Stops J/K)

Buses to Romford use stop J on the left and buses to Brentwood use stop K on the right on A1023 High Street:
Departures: J, K

Brentwood, High Street (Stops A/F)

Stop A for buses terminating in Brentwood is on the right by Greggs, stop F for Romford is the second stop on the left, next to the Halifax:
Departures: A, F

Connect here for the following major bus routes:

Brentwood, Sainsburys

The 498 back to Romford starts from Sainsbury's...

See a live map of bus locations here.

If you're travelling from Essex, the Essex Saver at £8.00 (Mon-Sats) is valid, but can't be purchased, on the 498 all the way into Romford. It is valid on almost all bus services in Essex plus those, like the 498, that leave the county, as long as your journey either starts or finishes in Essex.

Updated 15th August 2017

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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