Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Welcome to Britain's bus route guide

Buses are the most used mode of public transport, but you wouldn't think that from the portrayal they receive in the media. As good as trains are, buses reach more places. But finding out which bus goes where and which routes are really worth using can be difficult if you don't know where to look.

This new blog will profile Britain's most useful and/or scenic bus routes, one at a time. We will cover routes in all regions. Some will be chosen for the speed with which they connect two major places. Some will be chosen for the sheer beauty of the landscapes through which they pass, landscapes which really should be enjoyed from a bus window, where you can take it all in.

For each route, we will detail where it goes and what can be done in the places it links and passes through. We will also advise which day rover tickets are valid and where else such tickets can take you on connecting services. We certainly won't be ignoring the trains, as they are often the best way to connect to some of our best bus routes.

Above all, we will be honest about what we really think about the routes we cover and we will encourage you to be by leaving comments about your experiences on that route. This blog is completely independent of any bus operator or local authority.

Stay tuned for the first Great British Bus Route!

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